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How do you do that

How do you do that

Night came and Shiran sat down to do the homework the political science professor gave her. The semester is about to end and she knows she has to give one last push of plowing for the test before it arrives. A little more and it's over. Suddenly the phone rings, and...

Massage at the end of summer

Massage at the end of summer

It was late summer, the air was warm. I came home after one of those hotter than usual days and everything feels long and exhausting. I closed the door after that, turned on the air conditioner and slowly slid to the floor. I decided that I would not get up until...

A story of spring

A story of spring

Natalie tells On Sunday, my mother woke me up at five in the morning. I was supposed to report to the base at eight. I was wrapped in a dream. The period is the spring of 2017, just five days ago I joined the army and I still wasn't used to my new life... wearing the...

dedicated to my dom

We arranged to meet at the bar. I'm waiting for you and I'm trying not to think about what's going to happen, I want to keep this wetness for when you arrive. I stare at the glass of wine and concentrate on the red color that suddenly seems so erotic, I start small...

Regrets in good taste

Hufit began to slow down the street, looking for the house number she had entered into Wise. When she locates the building, she also finds parking and puts it into reverse. When she checks the back in the middle mirror, she finds her pair of dreamy eyes and hopes that...

Fourth time the charm

Annabel is in her bed, it's almost one in the morning. She is half asleep, but very self-aware. In her head she hears the footsteps of her thoughts coming up in front of her as images and in them Luke - whose name she only learned today, but whose movements and face...

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