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Night came and Shiran sat down to do the homework the political science professor gave her. The semester is about to end and she knows she has to give one last push of plowing for the test before it arrives. A little more and it’s over. Suddenly the phone rings, and the name Aden appears on the screen.

Eden and Shiran have been good friends since high school. They would always study together in classes, go out to drink coffee together and would always gossip about men when they talked. When Sheeran lost her virginity, she immediately called Aden and told you how it was. Eden, for her part, would call and tell after each date how she was and if she liked the guy.

“Are you coming to drink something?” Eden said over the phone.

“No way, I’m studying all evening,” Sheeran said firmly.

“Enough already, stop being such a nerd. You studied enough all weekend, come to my place and sit for a while and study later.”

“But I agreed with Eran even after me, I won’t settle for anything.”

“Come to me and tell him to come pick you up from me. That way I’ll also get to meet your new friend!” Eden said enthusiastically.

“Okay okay okay, you always dragged me to gossip instead of studying. I’m leaving now, I’ll be back in about half an hour”

Sheeran put the phone down, closed the notebook and went to get organized. She was a beautiful girl, short with freckles on her face. Her face radiated such cute innocence – someone any parent would love to see their son date. She had straight blond hair, relatively short, and such cute titties that stuck out from the little cleavage she wore. She wore simple rubber pants, put on a sweatshirt and left the apartment towards Eden.

On the way she texted Eran, with whom she has been dating for 3 months. “Hey Mami, I’m finally going to Eden, can you pick me up from there? She lives in Florentine.” נערות ליווי בתל אביב | escort tel aviv

After about 3 minutes Eran responded. “We agreed. I’ll come up to say hello and we’ll fly home from there. I’m already dying for your hug.” A huge smile spread across Sheeran’s face – what a gentleman I found for myself, she thought to herself. I need to keep a guy like that close.

After about fifteen minutes of walking, Sheeran entered Eden’s building, took the elevator to the third floor and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds the door opened and she saw Eden.

Eden was much taller than Shiran. She had black hair and wore a simple white tank top that barely contained a pair of rather impressive doubles that nearly exploded inside the shirt. Unlike Sheeran, she had a much wilder look and eyes that you couldn’t help but look at.

“Hey my sister!” Eden said and hugged Sheeran a warm hug. “Come on in, let’s have a drink.”

Sheeran walked in and sat on the couch. Eden arrived after a few minutes with two cocktail glasses and two cold Carlsberg beers.

“What about you, Kfar?! How are you?”

“I’m perfectly fine, completely normal” Sheeran said and took a sip of the cocktail. “Mainly immersed in studies. How about you Adni?”

“I’m perfectly fine, living the single life of Tel Aviv, you know” Eden said and drank the beer. “I just ended a relationship with someone. It was nice, but that’s not it. The sex was bad, so I cut him off. Believe me, nobody knows how to fuck properly in this city.”

“Yes, you always had high standards” Sheeran said and poured some more of the beer into the glass.
“Listen, I don’t like to compromise” laughed Eden.
“You don’t have a reason either. You’re a great girl and you deserve the best!”

“Thank you sister for the support, there is no one like you” Eden said and finished the cocktail she still had left. “Leave me, what about you? What about Eran?!”

“Wow, you can’t believe what a man I found!” Sheeran said enthusiastically. “So sensitive, so considerate, so loyal, so kind! I really won.”

“Wow, what a pleasure to hear! I’m glad you’re happy. I understand you’re doing really well!”
“Umm, yes it’s going well” Sheeran said while looking down.
“What’s wrong? I see there’s something wrong with you. Tell me, we’re friends, nothing comes out of me!”
“Do you promise not to tell anyone if I tell you?”
“Of course, we’re friends aren’t we?!”
“Okay, okay, but remember you promised!” Shira said and looked deeply into Eden’s eyes.
“I promise.”

“He’s too big” Sheeran said almost in a whisper.
“What do you mean ‘he’s too big'”?
“His package is too big.”
“How big are we talking about?”
“Very. He has a piece of dick. I didn’t measure but I guess it’s over 20 cm. I can’t manage it. I already sucked him twice, but it didn’t really work. I couldn’t get it in my mouth and it didn’t finish both times. There’s nothing to talk about penetration at all – we tried once and it came out because I was in pain.”

“So you want to tell me you don’t fuck?” Eden asked in astonishment.
“I really can’t do it! We are currently mostly making out and I promised him that I will get better with time. I watch a lot of porn and try to see how they do it. He has about the same as the men there.”

“Wow, good luck mommy. I know firsthand that men can run away if they don’t get enough sex.”
“Yes, I know, at first I was also afraid that he would leave me. Lucky that he is such a considerate guy.”

A few more minutes of stories passed and suddenly a message rang on Sheeran’s phone. “Hey mommy, I’m here. I’m coming up to say hello.”
“Eran is here, he’s coming up to say hello.”

After a few minutes, Eran rings the doorbell and Eden gets up to open it for him.

Eran was an average looking man, neither tall nor short. He was wearing a green t-shirt and his hair was styled with gel. “Very nice, I’m Eran” and extended his hand to shake Eden.

“Hello” said Eden with a huge smile on her face. She reached out to squeeze and squeezed Eran’s hand, a little longer than a squeeze should be.
“Come, have a drink.”

Eran sat down on the couch next to Shiran and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Eden returned after 2 minutes with another bottle of beer, handed it to Eran and sat down next to him. Shiran sat on Eran’s right, Eden on his left.

“Sheeran told me so many good things about you!” Eden said enthusiastically. “She says you’re a man-man!”
“Thank you” Eran said modestly.
“So how long have you been together?”
“3 months”.
“Wow, this is already serious. I remember that in my last relationship at this stage we were fucking like rabbits.”

If Eran looked embarrassed, it’s not at all close to how Shiran looked. She was red, flushed with shame. To Eden it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world.

“So what do you do Eran?”
“I work in the headquarters of the head of the

“Aha, an important man!” נערות ליווי בתל אביב | escort tel aviv
“Yes, I’m trying,” Eran said and drank his beer almost at once out of embarrassment. Some of it spilled on the floor and on his pants.

“Whoa, I’m really sorry”
“It’s okay, don’t worry” Eden said pointing to the kitchen counter. “Sheeran, there are tissues there, please bring them with you.”

While Shiran got up to the kitchen, Eden started to clean Eran. She took a tissue that was lying on the floor and started rubbing Eran’s pants. She smelled of a strong and attractive perfume and because her pants were short you could see a tattoo on her right leg. She bent down in Eran’s direction and he looked down – her huge tit now touched his legs as well while she was rubbing his jeans. He thought she was supposed to be looking at where she was cleaning, but noticed she was looking him straight in the eyes. He looked back at her. His cock started to harden. 3 months without sex and now it cleans him?

Eran and Eden barely noticed when Shiran returned with the wipes. When she arrived, she said in a panic “What’s going on here??”

Now it was no longer possible to hide it – Eden is leaning over Eran, as she rubs his pants and he is all red, and with a cock that reaches almost to the table.

“Good enough to pretend,” Eden said gently. “It’s clear that you have a problem and as your best friend I have to help you.”

“What are you talking about?!” Sheeran said in astonishment.
“Look how he hardens from half a touch, it’s clear that the guy needs sex. You said you want to learn and improve, right? I’ll show you how to do it.”

Eran was shocked and could not take his eyes off Aden. She threw the paper she was holding and started to unbutton Eran’s pants. When she was done she took it off and revealed what was underneath.

22 cm stood like a soldier in order. The cock was thick and ready for action. Eran just stood there and didn’t move because of the shock.

“Wow, Sheeran didn’t exaggerate when she said that your package was closed” Eden said and at the same time her eyes opened. “It’s not every day you see something like this. Don’t worry, Eden will take care of you now.” She took her right hand and began to rub Eran. He, for his part, started to relax a little on the sofa, feeling a little more comfortable.

“Um, I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but stop it right now!!” Sheeran screamed at Eden and threw the wipes she was holding onto the floor.

“You said yourself that you don’t get along with it and you want to learn, so sit quietly and just watch.”
“Eran, stop it immediately! I don’t understand what’s going on here!!”
“Ahh, it actually seems to me that there is something in what Aden is saying” Eran said and began to close his eyes and moan quietly. “Maybe..ahh…maybe….ahh” he moaned, “maybe you should really sit down and study”.

Sheeran was in a complete market. Eden, as if she had received approval, added her left hand and began to rub Eran with both hands.
“At this size, you have to use both hands” she says while rubbing Eran’s cock harder and harder.

“Enough, stop! Please! Sheeran begged.
“Baby, you said yourself that you would do anything to get better, didn’t you?” Eran said. “I think she knows what she’s doing.”

Sheeran stood there as if staring at a ghost. Eden now raided Eran and took off all his clothes. She just now noticed the whole package – the cock got even harder and Eden looked and rubbed with even more enthusiasm. “This Hanna told me that she couldn’t even suck?” She turned to Eran as if they were now making small talk.

“No. My balls have been blue for 3 months.”

She put Eran on his feet and bent down on his knees. It seemed that Eran had already completely devoted himself to the idea. While Aden was handing him, he pulled and took off her white tank top. Eden’s tit was perfect – it was erect and her nipples were erect and brown. When he looked closely, he saw that the right nipple had a small piercing.

“We’re here to fix the situation. Shut up and just watch how it’s done”

She gave a look in Sheeran’s direction, who looked like she didn’t know where to bury herself and then, started to put Eran’s cock in her mouth.

“Ahhh, that’s good!” Eran screamed. “Suck you slut.”
“I didn’t know you talked like that!” Sheeran said and started to tear up.

“Shut up there, let the serious people work” he said to Shiran and turned in Eden’s direction. She had already put half of his size into her mouth and started sucking back and forth. “You need to free your throat” she said in Sheeran’s direction and went back to sucking. Eran wasted no time, grabbed her head and pushed it towards his cock. Now the whole cock was already in her mouth.

“I didn’t know you could suck that much!” Sheeran said, now in astonishment.

“I’m sure she wants to answer you, but she now has a manhood 22 centimeters long inside her mouth” Eran said to Shiran disdainfully. “Finally someone who sucks properly. If I were you, I’d sit and learn how to do it.”

Sheeran sat down on the other side of the sofa and saw the surreal spectacle in front of her – her boyfriend getting a blowjob from her best friend. How the hell does this happen??

Eran moaned while sucking noises came from Eden’s mouth. She swallowed it with such pleasure, it seemed she had been used to sucking this size for years. After 5 minutes of sucking Eden stopped, stood up and said: “Now show me what you are really worth”.

Eran grabbed Aden and took off her panties. Her pussy was smooth and wet. Eran grabbed Aden by force, picked her up and threw her on the couch. He bent down and told her – “Now it’s my turn.”

He dove right into her pussy and started licking it. Eden screamed with pleasure and grabbed Eran’s head. Eran, for his part, inserted his tongue into Eden’s cup and played with her clit with a finger. She screamed as he picked up the pace.

“You are a sucker sister, the guy is a machine!”

He licked and played with his tongue on her clit. She tasted amazing and he slowly increased the rate of descent. Sheeran went from tears to a look of complete shock.

“It’s not enough that you’re huge, you also know how to use your tongue! It’s just a shame you haven’t seen sex in three months!”
“You don’t even understand how horny I am” he shouted and stood up at once.

Eran grabbed Aden and sat her on the kitchen table, where Shiran and Aden were gossiping about him just a few minutes ago.

“Now let’s see if you can really get a cock or if you’re just talking.”

He grabbed her and slapped her

A. The legs. He wet his cock and penetrated her cup slowly and carefully.

Now she was really screaming uncontrollably. His cock was already half inside her and she screamed in his direction “Fuck me you son of a bitch. Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow”.

Eran understood the hint. He directed a look in Sheeran’s direction, who seemed already amazed by the whole story and realized she had no choice, smiled a mischievous smile and entered with all his strength.

Eden groaned. “Ah, how good it is to be full to the end. I feel like you’re tearing me apart from the inside!”
“You’ve been hot to me since before I arrived, eh you whore?”
“Of course, once I knew what you had down there I couldn’t stop thinking about it inside my body!”
“I told Sheeran that I thought you were wild, but I didn’t believe how much.”
“Grind me Eran! Fuck me with your huge cock!!”

She now lifted the other leg and placed them on Eran’s shoulder. Eran, for his part, increased his pace and put all his body weight into each penetration. He simply tore the form apart.

Eden spilled juice all over the table while Eran continues to fuck her. Eran grabbed her breasts while pounding her, touching them and sucking her nipples. Sheeran, who was now sitting in amazement on the side, began to admire and even touch herself a little below.

“I didn’t know anyone could accept such a thing” Sheeran said and whispered to Eran. “I’m sorry, I promise to get better!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet sister” Eden said and while fucking she pointed to the drawer in the living room. “Remember what I told you about Eric? Go get what’s in the drawer, I’m going to repeat it with your fucking boyfriend.”

Eden who screamed with pleasure barely pointed in the right direction. Sheeran, who realized that Eden was serious and that she could get something out of this evening, took unsuccessful steps towards the drawer. She opened it and took out a bottle full of gel.

“What is?” Sheeran said innocently.

Eran almost fell over in astonishment. He understood what was going to happen now.

“This, this is going to be your lesson. With the right desire you can do anything” Eden said and motioned for Eran to go outside. She approached Sheeran’s direction and grabbed the gel from her. “Now sit quietly, and see that it is possible to get such a size in other ways.”

She handed the gel to Eran and told him: “You’re going to put that huge thing of yours in my ass. I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

“No way” Sheeran said. “There’s no way you can.”

Eran wasted no time and started applying the gel to Aden’s ass and his own cock, even though it was already wet from all the fluids Aden had spilled on him.

“You’re just crazy, Eden, I’ve never fucked someone in the ass”
“Shut your mouth and start grinding me please.”

Eran, who finished applying the gel, sensually turned Eden around and began to penetrate her from behind.

“A little more, yes, yes!” Eden screamed. “Sheeran’s friend is fucking my ass!!”

Sheeran looked at the scene before her in astonishment. Eran grabbed Aden’s hair, pulled it back and at once penetrated with all his size deep inside.

“I’m your slut now, give me head.”
“Ahhh, you slut, I’m going to grind you. Sheeran, look, you nerd, I’ll show you how to fuck someone properly.”

Sheeran giggled awkwardly. Eran increased the pace, grabbed Eden’s hair again and whispered to her, “This is the best sex I’ve ever had”

Eden smiled and looked at Shiran. “You piece of shit, this guy is crazy!”
“I thought you were here to teach me, this is not the way!!” Sheeran came to her senses and returned to the embarrassment.
“He is now fucking me, I don’t care about anything anymore” Eden said and continued to ride Eran.

He already felt really comfortable inside and increased the pace. Her ass was tight and every entry felt like it was in the clouds. With his fingers he started touching the clit again and entering both holes together.

“I’m going to finish!! I’ll finish in a second!!”
“Fishing rod!” Eden said and took Eran out of her. She quickly turned around and dropped to her knees. “Cum on my face.”

Eran stood over her and started rubbing his cock which was already red and ready to shoot. After a few seconds, he yelled “It’s happening, I’m cumming!” and after a second he started shooting copious amounts of cum on Eden’s face, filling it with hot, sticky seed. Sheeran sat with her mouth open while Eden’s mouth was also open, but the difference was that Eden was Full of sperm and filled with huge jealousy.

Eden stood up, approached Eran and said – “Well, then can such a thing be contained or not?”
“Possible is not a word” Eran said with a smile and turned in Sheeran’s direction. “A little effort and you can do it too mommy.”

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