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Welcome to Escort Tel Aviv here you will find the best girls.

One of the meetings that fulfill men’s dreams and fantasies that he will not be able to do with his partner, is a high-quality discreet meeting with escort girls in Tel Aviv.

Our Girls – Escort Tel Aviv

Ina - Super hot in Tel Aviv

Pamela - Amazing body Russian

Sarah - Your dream girl

Lilya - A rare beauty in Tel Aviv

Shir - A warm and beautiful girl

Ariel - Naughty young woman

Anna – Sensual in Tel Aviv

Suuny – beautiful girl in Tel Aviv

Shirly – Driving Tel Aviv crazy

Shay - Kinki Israeli girl

Shanny - MILF

Donna - Our new American girl

Anat - Beautiful Israeli girl

Emily - Crazy American girl

Esti - Escort Tel aviv

Nataly - Crazy Russian

Linda - Tattooed girl in Tel Aviv

Yasmin - Sexy masseuse

Anati - A girl with beautiful eyes

Sharon - Driving Tel Aviv crazy

Alexis - Pampering Russian

Morgan - Kinky from USA

Dana - Israeli beauty

Julya - Amazing Ukraine girl

Elizabeth - Massage at home

Alex - A supermodel

Julie - Naughty Russian

Valerya - Amazing in the center

Rachel - Rock your night

Mellisa - Blonde Russian


Are there escort girls in Tel Aviv during the 2021 Corona period?

You will be surprised to know that even during the Corona period in 2021 you can find sexy escort girls in Tel Aviv. Although the sky is closed and there are no girls who can enter Israel, you can find a variety of sexy Israeli or Russian Israeli escort girls who speak Hebrew, and some of them are even new in the field!

Where can I find new girls in Tel Aviv and the center?

In the escort services portal Visexy there are new Israeli and Russian escort girls who decided to give an opportunity to work in escort services. There are always girls who like to spoil men, like to hang out and earn money for it along the way.

We always put the ads of the new escort girls at the top of all the ads.

Are the Israeli escort girls really as pampering as the tourists who used to come here in the past?

The answer is definitely yes, and sometimes even more. We, the writers of these lines, were also surprised to discover how many sexy and horny girls exist in Israel who are interested in working in escort services to earn extra money.

What is better, girls or discreet apartments in Tel Aviv?

At a time when the corona virus is still with us, the girls who work in discreet apartments often charge prices of NIS 1000 or more, for rude and disrespectful service. In contrast, the prices of escort services in Tel Aviv and throughout the country have not increased and today in many cases are cheaper than a visit to a discreet apartment. This means that for a cheaper price you can afford to pamper yourself and invite a girl up to you, discreetly that you won’t get in any discreet apartment or in any massage parlor.

Do I have to have a location to order an escort girl in Tel Aviv?

Yes, absolutely. When placing the order you must have an address that you can give. It can be your own home, a hotel room, a room or a B&B by the hour, etc.

Are escort services in Tel Aviv limited to Tel Aviv only?

Absolutely not, you can order escort services in Tel Aviv to the entire central area such as Bat Yam, Ramat Gan, Holon, Herzliya, Petah Tikva and more. No extra charge even. Booking an escort girl to places further away from the center like Netanya or Ashdod will cost a little more money of course.

Do escort services in Tel Aviv work 24/7?

In most cases, escort services in Tel Aviv and throughout the country work during all hours of the day except the early morning hours, which means from 5 to 11 in the morning in most cases.


How do you do that

How do you do that

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Massage at the end of summer

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A story of spring

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dedicated to my dom

We arranged to meet at the bar. I'm waiting for you and I'm trying not to think about what's going to happen, I want to keep this wetness for when you arrive. I stare at the glass of wine and concentrate on the red color that suddenly seems so erotic, I start small...

Regrets in good taste

Hufit began to slow down the street, looking for the house number she had entered into Wise. When she locates the building, she also finds parking and puts it into reverse. When she checks the back in the middle mirror, she finds her pair of dreamy eyes and hopes that...

Fourth time the charm

Annabel is in her bed, it's almost one in the morning. She is half asleep, but very self-aware. In her head she hears the footsteps of her thoughts coming up in front of her as images and in them Luke - whose name she only learned today, but whose movements and face...

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