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Natalie tells

On Sunday, my mother woke me up at five in the morning. I was supposed to report to the base at eight. I was wrapped in a dream.
The period is the spring of 2017, just five days ago I joined the army and I still wasn’t used to my new life… wearing the army uniform again after a weekend at home, was a sharp transition and a somewhat delusional feeling.

My name is Nathalie and I am 18 years old, I grew up in Hod Hasharon in a private school in the Upper Alfion. After I finished high school, I flew to Mexico for a 3-month trip with girlfriends, and despite the many substances we consumed there, I still haven’t had sex, I’m a virgin. Immediately after that, I was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces.

I was recruited into the Education Army as a female teacher, the service itself is not physical, we serve as female female teachers and as instructors, but the coming week ahead of us is a week of internships that is full of activity and an endless load… I had many concerns about the coming week, but at the same time as concerns, I was also surrounded by great curiosity about the coming ones.

I got on a bus, I don’t remember which number. We drove for about two and a half hours and I finally arrived at the base gate of the military camp. The base was a base that had power in the Bangev. The sun was warm even though summer had not yet arrived. I arrived at the collection point and after about an hour they started calling names.

“Talia Rubin…. Naama Glick…. Orit Katz……..”

My friends stood up when the oil was called and stood behind a bored soldier who was responsible for picking us up and meeting us with our headquarters….

“Naomi Ozan… Rachel Dickman… Ronit Lorch…” Then I heard the announcer call my name.

“Natalie Rabin”.

I stood up and stood behind the other girls.

We met our rookie headquarters, my group was commanded by a short, muscular girl with a ponytail sticking out from behind her khaki hat. She had a beautiful face, but it was constantly distorted in a sort of pent-up rage and she alternately shouted and cursed at us. I didn’t quite understand what she wanted, but I did what they all did.

Very quickly I found myself running very fast to a far wall and returning as fast as possible to meet the commander’s demand – to run and return within 30 seconds. The first time we didn’t meet the time allotted to us, so we found ourselves running to the same place again, but this time the commander only gave us 25 seconds… as amazing as it is, this time we met the time, but we were all so amused by the situation that we managed to get the commander’s nerves on edge .

“What are you kidding? Does this seem funny to you?? And, what are you kidding??” The commander looked at me with a sour face and the words fell out of my mouth.
“what is your name?!?” The commander screamed at me.
“Natalie…” I whispered.

“Natalie?? What am I your friend??? When you address me you call me the boss!! Understood?!” The commander screamed at me and it seemed to me that the vein in her forehead would burst.

“Good” I stuttered…
“Well what???” The commander continued to shout at me.
“Good, Commander!!” I shouted with a stretch.
“From now on, you will learn not to mess with me. One minute, you touched the wall three times and came back here, get out!”

It turned out that the commander was quite sadistic, until lunch we didn’t stop running and my legs hurt, I was exhausted.

When I left the dining room I saw a group of boys, looking fit, maybe fighters, there were also some handsome guys, army and vitzer, it fits in great. I heard shouts from within the group and very quickly the group started running at a steady pace until it disappeared from my sight.

While we were wandering from place to place, I happened to meet the group of boys again. We cast our eyes on them and they cast their eyes on us. Again, only those who were in the army will understand how much the military framework raises the hormones!!

The day progressed lazily and we divided into three tents. Ten girls in each tent.

“Five minutes and all the beds are arranged, a blanket is stretched on the mattress and the bags are arranged according to size from the smallest to the largest, get out.”

The girls went into shock and the psychic disappeared. They were all still tense and it took a good few seconds until the tension dissipated and turned into a mess of shouting and hysteria as we tried to quickly arrange the beds. It must have been five minutes already. The psychic gave us Hagar who was by the door to call us times and she put us under pressure about half a minute before she arrived.
They all stood by the beds. I looked frozen in fear at the other beds. Not far from me stood the beautiful Yemenite Hagar with tears in her eyes. Her bed was a complete mess. And she swayed from foot to foot. Do not know what to do. Whether to arrange in the remaining seconds or to remain standing, but before she thought, the blonde Sara screamed “Stand still” and they all went into a frozen and scared mess.

The commander slowly entered the tent, her beautiful face stretched back in a sort of animalistic spasm. She walked slowly between us, looking each one in the eye and clearly enjoying seeing the frightened contractions of the girls, who were all taller than her at least in the head.

When she reached me, I couldn’t avoid glancing back at her. Out of the corner of my eyes I examined her as she examined me. She had a nice body, medium sized breasts and her nipples were visible through the bra and shirt.

Suddenly I noticed that she brings her head closer to me and curses me in succession.
“Are you looking at me, Nefel? Do you think you’re allowed to stare at me?? Ah, soldier Rabin??”
She pulled away from me at once and screamed at me, “Get down to 15 push-ups meeeeeeeed!!!”.

I knew what push-ups were, but I had never tried to do them. Later it turned out to me that I didn’t lose anything. The commander continued to scream. “The trainee Rabin stared at me. So that you know that if I catch someone staring at me, she will have a bad and bitter end. That no one will do it again.”

I did my fifteen push-ups, getting all dirty in the dirt and by the last one I was already licking the ground. I came to the conclusion that this is the most humiliating exercise I know. I hated him even then. I slowly got to my feet. Directs a look at the headquarters. She looked at me with her icy eyes and said coldly, “Did someone give you permission to get up?! Soldier!! Lie down on the floor immediately until I tell you to get up!!”

I started protesting and she immediately screamed – “Get down to 15 more push-ups right now! For every additional word you say, you do 5 more push-ups.”

I fell silent in horror. I went down to the supine position again. But I no longer had the strength to do them and I just lay in the dirt, completely despairing. There was silence all around. No one spoke. Suddenly I felt a hand grab me through my shirt on the chest strap

God. The commander grabbed me and picked me up by force, threw me to the dirt again and picked me up. I didn’t try to resist.

“You start doing push-ups or I’ll feed you all the dirt in here!!” screamed the commanding officer as she threw me back and threw me on the dirt. Finally she left me and I was left lying on the dirty ground. I didn’t try to get up.

“You have 3 minutes to get to the SHG and come back here and then I want to see 15 push-ups of this loser. Until she does 15 push-ups you will run back and forth to the SHG.”

We all looked at each other quite shocked.

“Why are you waiting? Get out!!! You’ve already lost 15 seconds out of the 3 minutes.”

I got up from my place and as I was, with my shirt off, I joined the group of women who were hysterically running out towards the Sheg which was about a hundred and fifty meters away from us. Hagar who was in charge of the times started screaming at us that we still had 20 seconds to get back to the tent and line up by the beds.

I was hysterical to arrive together with all of them and not stand out anymore.

When we got back to the tent I went straight down to another 15 push-ups and managed to do them.
Then I was left lying in the dirt. Waiting for word of release from the headquarters. In the silence that remained I could clearly hear what she said. She spoke quietly now, in a whisper.

“In 3 minutes you have your first lesson on field safety. It will take place in the 2nd grade. She pointed to a certain building not far from us. The lesson will last about two hours, then dinner. After dinner, a first aid lesson and at 9 p.m. they are all here arranged and ready to go on the journey Your first stretcher.”

she said and left.
We sat down on the beds in shock, but recovered quite quickly and hurried to get to the first class. The lesson ended and we went to eat. It was already 8:30 and I hurried to eat to have a little more time before the journey. I rested a bit and packed myself some sweets and we went on our first stretcher trip.

The journey was terrible, we lay on the rickety stretcher in turn. It was not fun to lie on her at all. All the time lie at a changing angle and hold the sides of the stretcher tightly so as not to fall. No one is thinking about you because they are all sure that you are having fun and are only thinking about how to get through the next five hundred meters with the weight on your shoulders.

We were a group of about ten soldiers on one stretcher. Our crazy Mishka ran around us like a mad dog after a herd of goats. Screaming at us and urging us to keep going and not break. Sometimes I thought if she had a stick or a whip in her hand she would have whipped us. Behind us were two more classes of female soldiers, each class with its own stretcher. The department ran at a constant and silent pace.

Since we knew that the journey should end at about two o’clock in the morning, we imagined that at twelve thirty we would start to return, but it was almost one o’clock in the morning and I didn’t recognize where we were at all. I was full of admiration for the commander, who had the strength to move around us and occasionally also push the stretcher carriers.

After a tedious stretcher journey of 10 kilometers, we arrived at the entrance of the camp. We made a quick order to make sure they were all there. It was already 2 in the morning and the commanders retired to sleep. We were finally released.

When I turned to walk towards the tent, I heard the commanding officer’s voice calling my name, “Rookie Rabin, you stay here to complete your punishment!!”

I looked at the rest of the girls exhausted from fatigue crawling into the tents. Shocked, I stood in front of the headquarters.

My father tells

It was already 01:20. We finally arrived at the base. Tired, sweaty and sore.

After the exercises, the MK arranged us in threes. We did a quick order and each one was released to his tent. Everyone crawled into the tent with their noses in the ground and only I put on the vest and went in the direction of the SHG, I have a shift of an hour and a half, for God’s sake.

I stared at the skyline, there is no way you can pass the time and staring at the skyline is uncontrollable. I felt like I was fighting with my eyelids not to close and what managed to wake me up at such a late hour was a loud noise of someone running towards me. I held the weapon alertly, I attached the butt of the rifle to my shoulder, my right hand was holding the handle and I was alert and ready to step on the weapon in the situation where it was a terrorist.

I saw the figure approaching me quickly and as it approached me the figure of a young girl was revealed, probably one of the soldiers we saw at noon and this because I think I recognized her glancing at my platoon.

When she came within about a meter of me, I was able to better see her features and the curves of her body.

She was of average height, a part of her hair was amused by the wind and the sight was so spectacular, her breasts bouncing up and down at the pace of the run, her beautiful face was revealed to my eyes and I didn’t miss a beat. We looked into each other’s eyes, she reached the fence, touched it lightly and retraced her steps.

I looked at her toned and swaying buttocks at the sides of her body as her figure moved away towards the building of classrooms. Even in such fatigue I did not remain indifferent to the sight that opened before my eyes. Very quickly his member swelled to high dimensions, stretching the fabric of the uniform pants I was wearing.

So lonely, so long at the base, and if the girls hadn’t come to our base today, I would have closed ten days in which I didn’t see a woman, and now, coming to me with a noble and magnificent appearance, a cute and beautiful girl whose breasts move at a pleasant rhythm. It was possible to notice the connection of her lower breasts when they bounced up and their connection to the upper chest when they bounced down.

I had never touched a woman, but now I was so hungry that there was no way I could overcome my urges.

I sent my hand to my crotch and began to rub my hand on my tense member. I heard the noise of her approaching steps again and seconds later I again saw the figure of the beautiful soldier, I hid the weapon between my legs with my military weapon, so that you wouldn’t notice that he was standing ready and she was between the targets.

This time I saw her smiling a little when she ran by me, I responded by hissing a “Good night” greeting to her. “Really good” the angel answered me with a gasp combined with a pleasant laugh and once again retraced her steps.

I was left with a smile on my face, like a perfect idiot, until I saw her again coming back in my direction. I was fully alert and lust overwhelmed me. A great way to pass the guard, I just felt sorry for the soldier moving at such a late hour, what kind of commander does she have that abuses her in such a way

like this??!

Natalie tells

The sadist finally excused herself and released me, I was sure that even if she was tired, she would surely have pissed me off for a long time.

I was exhausted and the night’s run would not have been easy if I hadn’t met the scrutinizing eyes of the cute soldier who was guarding the S.G. A man like that was an excellent option for me. Needless to say I’m a virgin.
And now, his looks seemed to undress me, I felt naked next to him, as if we had experienced an intimate moment together. Strange, but I felt very feminine, I felt that he liked what he saw and that gave me confidence, I felt a pleasant feeling in my body that came from the feeling that his looks gave me, while running it gave me strength.

I dragged myself towards the encampment. My body aches and aches, my muscles are cramping, trying to sort out the oxygen in my brain, I was a blur from fatigue.

I saw the encampment in the distance, the third tent, I jumped over the ropes stretched to the tent pegs, entered the tent, silence, everyone was already fast asleep. The second bed on the left, I was so tired and I was also so hot, I gave up the shower. I have never known such fatigue, I gave up my pajamas as well, I undressed quickly, throwing my uniform on the bag next to the bed, the girls are cute, they must have taken pity on me, made my bed and spread out the sleeping bag.

I was left in the t-shirt, bra and underwear. I skilfully took off my bra, got into the sleeping bag, burrowed inside the bag, feeling the fabric of the bag caressing my bare legs, I thought one last time about the cute shag and fell asleep.

My father tells

The soldier didn’t come back for about two minutes, maybe her commanding officer let her go to sleep. I strained my eyes and then I saw in the distance the figure of the soldier walking towards the boys’ camp. Very interesting, I thought to myself, will the girls’ camp be located close to the boys’ camp?? I was sure they would hang out on the other side of the base.

A long half hour passed until I saw my replacement arrive, all this time I imagined the beautiful soldier I met tonight, if only fate would let me get to know her better.

“Good night” I said to my replacement and walked very tiredly to the tent. I entered the tent, walked towards my bed. I got confused in the tent?? I asked myself when I saw a figure filling the sleeping bag on the bed I thought was mine.

This is the second bed on the left and here is also my bag, no, I didn’t get confused, someone else got confused, one of the guys got confused and went to sleep in my sleeping bag, what luck, not a single bed is free.

I was so tired and exhausted, I have to wake him up.

“Sorry” I rocked the figure inside the sleeping bag, “Sorry” I repeated again this time louder.
I had already really shaken the figure, but she was sleeping so deeply that it was impossible to wake her up. I looked for my flashlight, turned it on and focused the beam of light on the intruder’s face. It took me a few seconds to digest what my eyes saw. After that I quickly turned off the flashlight, pressing it to my chest that was throbbing hard… it was her!!!

She got confused in the camp, she got into the boys’ tent and into my bed!

“Sorry” I shook her, silence.

It’s already been ten minutes since I came back, I was tired, also the journey and then the guard, I have to rest my body. I sat down on the bed next to her, I continued to shake her, I felt my waist touching through the sleeping bag in her stomach, my hand on her shoulder, I’m touching her, oh wow, what am I doing? And what can I do???

I bowed my head towards her head and called in her ear “Hey… sorry” I looked at her, a beautiful angel, sleeping deeply, not moving or moving. Surely she won’t wake up, after being abused so badly by her commanding officer, and who knows what she went through during the day.

I went for a quick walk, to the tents around, maybe I’ll find a place to lay down there. It was clear to me that in my condition I would not be able to find anywhere else and if not in a bed I would have to sleep on the floor. I went back to my bed and sat next to her again, trying to wake her up. I was already really leaning on her, all my hands on her, I felt her body and in my head came the image of this cutie who ran towards me when I was guarding the ShG.

Her breasts, oh her beautiful breasts, I felt a sexual arousal again, to think that the breasts I watched were about 5 centimeters from my hand.. The shaking slowly turned into caresses, for a moment I was even tempted and passed a light caress on her gentle face. I was tired but horny and then I said to myself, I’m not to blame for her mistake, I’m going to sleep!

I took off my uniform, remained in boxers and a t-shirt, opened the zipper of the sleeping bag, the more I opened it, the Hod Hasharon scout shirt was revealed to my eyes, when the shirt was finished, I was surprised to discover the beginning of her butt inside the pink underwear, I swallowed saliva, regulated my breathing and got into the bag the sleep.

I was tired and full of cramps and pain and I was cramped together with the girl. My legs were close to hers but I tried to respect her dignity and stay as far as I could from her back and pelvis. It took me some time to fall asleep, to know that her virgin and beautiful cock rests several centimeters from my tense organs… it’s not easy.

I lay with my face towards her back, looking at her surfer hair lying in front of my face. At first my limbs were tense like a ballistic missile but slowly fatigue took over me and I felt that I was sinking into sleep.

Just a moment before I fell asleep completely I felt her move a little, she moved her back back, clinging to my chest and her back was clinging to my crotch. I held my breath, I didn’t know my mind, I felt the flesh of her back thighs against my front thighs. My small bump was close to the pillows of her ass, I felt the chills in my head, the blood flooding me from the forbidden and seductive touch.

Warm blood flooded my organs, I felt how it swelled and grew, leveling its way forward into the unknown, flesh surrounded my groin from every direction and I began to breathe heavily in response, my heartbeat skyrocketed. I didn’t dare move anymore, I didn’t want to initiate contact with her, forbidden contact. I didn’t move, but she started to move a little strangely, moving back and forth, as if stimulated, moving and sweat rubbing her butt against my taut bayonet lusting for her shame.

My bayonet stretched and pressed against soft and pleasant flesh lying deep between her legs, these were magical moments. I picked you up

My head, leaning on my elbow, looks at the back of my head facing me. I looked closely and saw her profile, covered with a bunch of hair, I sent my other hand and moved her hair behind her ear, in the faint light that prevailed in the tent I saw the features of the girl’s face, incredibly sweet. After a few seconds I again sent my hand to lightly caress her cheek, she continued to move with stimulating movements, pressing her pelvis against my member until the end. She lifted her leg and moved backwards again, this time lowering her leg and trapping my exposed member between her inner thighs and her crotch.

I knew where my organs were, her heat flooded me, her thighs and butt cushions wrapped him in warmth and the crown of his head was pressed against a soft and pleasant valley, the valley where a temple is located.

I put my head back on the mattress, my stomach close to her back, she moved her leg again, this time our legs are already wrapped around each other’s skin, I felt that she lusted just as much as I did, so I put my hand on her waist. I felt like I was in the middle of being fucked. My cock was placed between her thighs, pressed against the source of her lust which pressed back in response to every fucking movement she made, her bottom was already pushed deep into her ass, my hand gripped her waist and I felt as if I was improving her movement backwards, helping her impale on my vibrating organs.

A few seconds of friction and I was already making stronger but still measured movements.

Suddenly I felt her hand holding my hand on her waist, I was sure that she would immediately throw my hand back and start screaming but her warm hand held my hand, held me loosely.

I began to move uncontrollably in response to her forward and backward movements, moving her pelvis towards me as I pushed mine forward, her hand moved to grip my leg and in response I felt free to touch her, I touched her whole body.

In my strange waking state I decided that I was allowed to touch the illusion that would sleep with me. Pleasure myself and her even when she is asleep. I started to feel her stomach under her shirt, my hand went up, fluttering for the first time on her soft breasts. I held the field, holding her nipple between my fingers, she began to breathe heavily, her hand caressed my legs, she passed it on my thighs and then I felt her penetrating my buttocks through the boxers I was wearing.

Our movements gained momentum, the field bed began to creak softly, I put my hand between her legs, she spread her legs and let me touch her there freely.

I lustfully felt the damp oven, tickling her lower lips and looking for points that would cause her greater pleasure. My knightly member stood like a forged sword, I continued to massage the girl’s penis which began to get seriously wet. I inserted one finger into her and she let out a small moan.

I lay behind her like a spoon, I felt that she was open and ready for me, I didn’t think twice, I moved her underwear aside, I placed my member at the entrance between her wet lips, I felt the head of my member gliding over the swollen, wet and boiling flesh, leveling his way to closeness, the girl moaned in response to the feeling of My limbs sliding into her.

I was flooded with lust, horny from the knowledge that I was fucking a stranger in an unplanned way and my sex partner was the beautiful girl who beat me, I slammed my vagina hard and penetrated her from behind. The hymen does not stop me and I am inside her until the end.

I slipped my right hand under her and continued to pleasure her nipples. With the other hand I caressed between her legs, feeling my member slide into her. Stroking the lips around the cock with his fingers.

The girl started to moan and make low sounds of pleasure.
I was shocked by the noise she made, I covered her mouth gently with the hand that had previously been caressing her breasts. I began to move inside her, back and forth, stroking her powerfully, feeling my organs penetrating each time anew into her boiling, liquid-flooded depths.

I was no longer tired and all the hardships of the day were forgotten from my memory, I was focused on the intense pleasure that erupted between my legs and the cute girl who is lying with me right now.

So I continued to fuck her. Slowly but surely, feeling how she was getting horny from moment to moment, her sighs that came out through her right hand that was covering her mouth, got louder and louder.
I started to pick up the pace. It seemed to me that she was completely alert. But she didn’t say anything except her moans of pleasure and so I continued to enter her. She reached back and grabbed my butt, pulling him to her, to give her, to help her take him deeper. I continued to fuck, forward, back, forward back, sighs, moans, bed creaks, noise of fluids and noise of testicles meeting naked flesh with each thrust. I felt that I was starting to establish my vagina, but it seems to me that she finished a few seconds before, contracting and biting my hand, but I did not feel pain because I also finished at the same time, twisting inside her and thrusting myself into her until the end.

All the muscles are contracted and I let out short sighs with my eyes closed. Repeating and thrusting myself inside her to release me all.
And that’s how it ends. I don’t know what happened next because I fell asleep suddenly, I was probably still inside her. From among the mists of the seventh dream it seemed to me that my angel had come out of bed.

In the morning when I woke up I couldn’t remember what happened. I had a vague dream about a heavenly fuck with a young girl, here in my tent and in my bed. Apparently the fatigue overcame me and I hallucinated.

Natalie tells

I had a dream.

And in the dream my arms and legs hurt a lot, there were bruises on my shoulders and I was so tired that I couldn’t stand and I couldn’t open my eyes. I lay down. Tired and folded like a spoon.

Then, from among the mists of pain, a pure and sharp piece of pleasure penetrated me. Alta was around me and my eyes were closed. The source of the pleasure was unclear, a pleasant warmth close to me. A source of intense and meaningful pleasure. The feelings of pleasure grew and overshadowed the pain. I felt like I wanted to wake up and find out where the pleasure was coming from, but I was so tired, but I moved back and forth like I move at home when I masturbate.

Finally I surrendered, my eyes remained closed and I became addicted to the feelings of pure pleasure that spread throughout my body, in my breasts and the tips of my nipples, gentle tickling in my stomach and its slopes and a feeling of heavenly pleasure flooded me from that place between my legs. The place that had known many pleasures through my hands now operated automatically, delighting me without any effort on my part.

I lay on the uncomfortable field bed

Inside my sleeping bag, completely addicted to the feeling of pleasure that I didn’t know the solution to. The sensations of pleasure intensified and I felt that I was already awake, realizing that Phi emits sounds of pleasure without any control. In my tongue and lips I felt a foreign hand holding me, covering my mouth. I licked my hand trying to recognize it, ohhhh what a wonderful and pleasant hallucination.

Moment by moment the fog lifted and the uncontrollable chemical sensations in the body overcame the dream, I was already awake but my eyes were still glued and unable to open.
When I woke up I knew that these pleasant sensations originated from an outside intruder. I felt good in my heart and between my legs this peg digging into me, I knew someone was fucking me. I’m fucking, but it would have been sublime for me to understand and know who it was that came into my tent and did it to me in my bed. For a brief moment, she held me because my husband was a stranger, but the unfamiliar feelings of pleasure were so strong and addictive that I had to let him continue, I had to know what was going to happen in my body. I felt that something powerful was about to happen. Cheerful thoughts washed over me, he is so masculine and muscular, he is the one who took my virginity, I didn’t have time and strength to think about the meaning of this, I was addicted to his touch and his penetration into me.

I opened my eyes, feeling the male body that is close to me from behind, pleasuring me with one hand and a thick male member that slowly goes in and out of me. One hand was on my mouth, probably to keep me from screaming. But I didn’t mean to shout. I had a very pleasant time.

The unknown man who thrust his penis into me from behind began to speed up and I also entered into more intense and fuller sensations, moving back and forth in heat. Improves the sensations of the penetration of his penis into mine. I am slowly realizing what these feelings are that I have been waiting to discover. With his left hand he licks my lower lips, inadvertently feeling my weak points and also his member entering and exiting my vagina.
I felt like I was going to explode, only then did I realize that I was finishing, my muscles contracted strongly, pain and pleasure surrounded me at the same time, I let my body explode. I bit his hand holding my mouth, he didn’t react at all, he was immersed in ecstasy.

The pleasure was immense. I felt that I was on fire, I continued to contract and open my suits and immediately after that I also felt his flow inside me. He twitched his fingers on my mouth and his other hand pressed against my stomach and thrust into me a few last times until he finally fell limp and was still inside me.

I remained motionless for another long moment, trying to digest what had happened to me.
It was perfect, this sex with a stranger was exciting.
Who is this man who gave me so much pleasure? I pulled myself and he slipped out of me, with great difficulty I turned around in the narrow sleeping bag, to try to find out who he was, in the soft light that reigned there.

Pi fell out!
This is the cute Shag!
A handsome young man. But he was in a deep sleep and didn’t see me staring at him.

I was a little disappointed. Is this how he sleeps after he fucks me? But on second thought it seemed to me that it would be better that way. I raised myself a little on my elbows, trying to see if anyone was paying attention to the drama that had just happened here, scanning head after head and bed after bed.

Suddenly I noticed something strange. The heads were all short haired..

Very strange… what happened to the girls?!? I was so tired, I couldn’t think of a reason for it, I got up as I was and got out of bed, trying to understand what was happening here, to look, look and understand.

I moved from bed to bed, looking at the sleeping girls and suddenly the realization entered my mind that everyone here is men, soldiers!!
I looked at my naked body in embarrassment, I ran back to the bed I thought was my bed. The clothes were next to the bed and I hurriedly dressed. One last look at the sweet soldier who broke my virginity. I kissed his lips softly, feeling the warmth of his breath on my face and flew out of the tent.

Now I was fully awake, I already realized that I had gone in the wrong direction after the stretcher trip and the commander’s torture, I saw exactly where I was.

I arrived safely at my tent, undressed and got into the sleeping bag, this time really mine. I know that tomorrow I will have a serious meltdown at the clinic when I ask for the morning after pill, but worries at this moment were not my lot. I was still under the influence of the pleasure that had shivered my body just a few minutes ago.
And in my imagination again, the sweet face of the unknown shag I slept with tonight.

The next day, between lessons, I saw him again. Our eyes crossed and to my delight he didn’t wait a moment and walked towards me.
“Hello, I’m my father.”

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