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We arranged to meet at the bar. I’m waiting for you and I’m trying not to think about what’s going to happen, I want to keep this wetness for when you arrive. I stare at the glass of wine and concentrate on the red color that suddenly seems so erotic, I start small talk with the bartender to distract my thoughts from you.

A hand strokes my back, I recognize your smell from a distance, I turn to you with a smile and you kiss me on the cheek. We both smile, you order a drink, sip and look at me. I can’t talk, all I can think about is how you undress me, push me to the bed and start the saga of such soft and delightful abuse.

You ask how I am and I nod my head with a smile. Starts a conversation but I just see your lips move and imagine them clinging to my lips below, as they open wide and let your tongue lick my pussy like a thirsty dog wanting to gulp more and more. I’m so wet I don’t care anymore. All I want is to unzip you and just sit on top of you as my pussy wraps around your hard cock and every inch of me feels yours.
I’m ready for you to keep talking as much as you want about whatever you want while I rise and fall and feel your erection rise up my body, inside, deep. I imagine the bartender is already washing and picking up chairs, when we’re just there and I’m continuing to fuck you when suddenly you take me off of you, get up, turn me around and lean me on the bar, lift my skirt and penetrate me from behind deep and hard. I want to take another sip of my wine while you fuck me but I’m all shaking and trembling that I doubt I’ll be able to hold the glass. You continue to penetrate and grab my hair, pushing your finger into my mouth and demanding that I suck it, hard. I imagine I’m sucking your cock and don’t want it to end.

Back to reality, to the bar.

Looking at you and whispering in your ear “I need you now”.

You smile and reply “You will accept me when I decide” and push your tongue into my mouth, deep. I feel like a drug addict in rehab, my whole body is shaking. Wipes a small tear that comes out of the pain that is so pleasurable. My look is pleading. You grab my hand and we leave the bar.

We enter the room.
You tell me to undress and lie on the bed. I start peeling off layer after layer.
You sit, observe, examine and scan me with your penetrating eyes.
I convince myself that they express your hunger for me, for my body, for my taste.
I lie on the bed and you come closer, tying my hands to the bed. I just smell you for a moment, branching out every particle in the air that is yours. I close my eyes and imagine them entering me like a beggar settling for a few crumbled pieces of bread.
You stand in front of me, spread my legs, look penetratingly at my cup.
I imagine what goes through your mind, how much you want to taste, smell, feel my cup.
You are yours, restrained, I can already feel how my pussy is wet, ready and ready.
You take a vibrator and run it over my thighs. You approach it and pass it around the glass. Touches the lips a little and moves away… I wet more and more, panting. You turn on the vibrator and just the sound of the vibration freaks me out, the desire to feel the vibration makes my pussy throb hard.
You control me like a remote control, turning off and on the vibration and I, like in a Pavlovian experiment, wet myself to the sound of the vibration.
I’m starting to lose patience and I don’t see how I can go another moment without you penetrating me. I understand that it won’t happen soon and I beg you to let me go. You silence me gently and ask for patience. I ask that you at least touch my cup with your finger for a split second.
You respond to my request and move a finger, you feel my liquid, the liquid that expresses how much I want you. That fleeting touch of your finger drives me crazy. You put the vibrator back in my cup and turn it on, this time for a long time. You look at me, closing my eyes, moaning, my mouth is open and I’m somewhere else. Surfing in my imagination for this moment that you are inside me.
You understand that in a moment I will finish and you turn the vibrator away from me. This time I sigh but a sigh of brokenness, frustration. You decide to undress. Starts with a shirt and I feel my pulse on the lips of my pussy going up. I want to pass my (lower) lips on you, pass them on your stomach, on your thighs and then lick with my tongue what they left on you, feel my taste mixed with yours. “Great cocktail” I think to myself. You take off your pants and underwear and there he is in front of me. That perfect organ of yours. At that moment I just think to myself if only we were magnetized in our members so that you couldn’t linger and your member would just be sucked into my cup. But it is clear to me that you are not in a hurry and you walk next to me and run your finger over my body.
You taste my nipples that are so erect, as if shouting “Fuck her already!”. You get on the bed, spread my legs again and massage my lips as your member touches not mine. I pray for an earthquake to move you just one inch forward to feel him touch my cunt more. Now I don’t want you anymore I need you…

dedicated to my dom.

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