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It was late summer, the air was warm.
I came home after one of those hotter than usual days and everything feels long and exhausting. I closed the door after that, turned on the air conditioner and slowly slid to the floor. I decided that I would not get up until something in this tedious dynamic between me and the world changed. What exactly was supposed to change and who was in charge of the schedule was very vague and wasn’t going to float to the surface in the form of any kind of workable idea, so I just kept sitting and staring at the ceiling.
An annoying ring that had been digging for several minutes insisted on breaking the sacred union between my ass and the floor in complete disregard of my repeated requests to explode. I gave in and crawled towards the bag. I took out the phone and couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment, it wasn’t him again… It’s true that I refused to answer him for two weeks but it hurt when he stopped trying.

“Tell me thank you!” – said the phone without any introduction.
“Is there a precedent for this request?” – The amount of cynicism in my voice could kill a horse.
“Well tell me!” – The phone did not get excited and continued on its own.
“Thanks.” – I muttered with the rest of my strength and moved my body to the sofa.
“you’re welcome!” – continued the phone with extreme positivity – “Do you remember that when it was your birthday, I bought you a ring and lit it myself?”
“How could I forget?”
“I said I’d make it up to you, didn’t I? So your gift is on its way.”
“Private please.” – Please, please let it be a massage! I’ve been digging for a week how busy I am. The last time I got such a treat from him, when we were still together… I felt my face blush and closed my eyes, banishing the memory from myself.

“I bought you a fairy tale massage!”
“Oh champion!!!”
“At least that’s what the rumor says. Short girlfriend, he’s at your place in an hour! You don’t mind if it’s a man, do you?”
“Mummy, I’m so busy I don’t care if it’s Nasrallah too. But what kind of massage is this?”
“Ummmmm, surprise. Just keep an open mind…” The phone laughed out loud. “Come on, scrape yourself off the couch and run to the shower.”

After I opened my head and pampered the rest of my body with a good shower, the desire to live returned to me almost fully. When the doorbell rang, I had just finished drying off, threw on a small thong and a large robe and went to open the door.
I opened the door and froze. Now I understand Nikki’s enthusiasm.

“lodging?” – asked the Greek god who for some reason came down from Olympus straight to the door of a two-room apartment in Be’er Sheva, I closed my mouth and nodded in agreement, I didn’t expect it… but faak yes!
I can flow with it.
He entered confidently, as if he had visited here dozens of times and stopped in the middle of the room. – “Where can it be placed?” – He looked at the massage bed in his hand.

“It will be fine here” – I pointed to a place in the living room – “It will be convenient for you to put the oils on the dresser.” – I complimented myself on restraint and logical thinking in this situation.

“You can lie on your stomach” – he positioned the bed and stood next to her, waiting. I took off my robe and covered my chest with my hand so that he wouldn’t see how my nipples were sticking out. He turned his back to me. – “Take off your panties too and tell me when you’re ready.” – How sweet, he thought I was hiding myself from embarrassment. I took off my underwear and positioned my body on the bed.

“I’m ready.”

“You have nothing to be ashamed of, by the way. Think of me like a doctor.” – he explained while covering my butt with a tiny towel. I smiled to myself, come on mom, you’re not really a doctor and I’m not really embarrassed.
“Did your girlfriend explain a little about the massage?” – I felt his fingers go along the spine and I swallowed a moan.

“Are you cold? You’re shivering.” – Is that cynicism I hear in his voice?
“I’m not cold… The truth is she didn’t elaborate too much, she just told me to come with an open mind.” – I was in a hurry to change the subject.
“And your mind is open?” – His hands continued their trip over my body, opening everything that was still closed in my mind until now.

“Yes. Completely open.” – I recognized the irritation in my voice and gave myself an imaginary contradiction. I want my mother, the man came to give you a massage and not be bothered by a horny girl. But he apparently didn’t notice anything and continued as usual. – “Is there any particular area you would like us to focus on?” – No! The fucking man is abusing me! I exhaled and counted to ten and one more time to be safe. – “The shoulders are a bit busy, and also the lower back…” – I answered with restraint.

“Then maybe we’ll start there.” – In the next half hour my tight muscles received dedicated, professional… and completely standard treatment. I relaxed almost definitively and even dozed off until… my eyes opened wide as his hand slid from my butt to a place no masseuse had ever visited. I think I’m starting to understand the demand for an open mind.

“Tell me if something doesn’t please you” – he said in a calm tone, as if his hand wasn’t currently massaging my lower lips.

“Good Tet.” – I stammered. I didn’t know how I felt about what was happening, but I couldn’t say it was unpleasant. – “Would you like to elaborate a bit on the sequel?” – I tried to say it in a calm tone as well, but I got the hoarse voice of a porn star.

“Lie on your back please and shut up poor.” – he continued. – “Just let go of the situation and let yourself enjoy it. I promise that when I’m done you won’t have a single place left in your body.” – Release the situation? easy! That’s what I’ve been doing since he arrived. I lay on my back and closed the poor.
He poured hot oil on my body and started massaging again, but this time the movements were longer, his hands slid over my body as if they knew him. As if he knew about all the secret places reserved only for a lover. He knew how to touch the nipples that would prick in a second and also that place above the clitoris. He continued to the stomach and every touch of it burns, creating waves of sweet chills that spread throughout the body. There is this little place that has long been so wet and burning to the touch. But he is not in a hurry, he only walks over it in a flash… touching not touching… it’s crazy… until I’m all just waiting for those touches. Until every little touch fills me with a feeling of crazy euphoria.
I stopped breathing when his fingers finally penetrated me and began to move in a rhythm as old as time itself. The feeling of fullness was crazy… I wasn’t really there anymore and I just thought that I didn’t want it to end, I just wanted to float forever in a void, with a stupid smile on my face. He picked me up in his arms and laid me on the bed, still shaking and hazy from the orgasm.

“I hope you enjoyed…” – I heard his voice somewhere

Oh light years from me.

“Mmmmm it was perfect!..” – I purred more with my eyes closed… and wrapped myself around him like a snake. – “Just where did you bury the real masseuse?”

“He’s by the door, heavy alone!” – He laughed and caressed my back, causing another wave of pleasant chills.

“Nikki agreed that we have to make up because since we broke up you are unbearable, I’m just quoted! I knew you could filter me for weeks but you won’t be able to give up this fantasy.”
I smiled to myself and clung to him, I’ll settle an account with my ego tomorrow, now I’m too good to think about it.

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