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Annabel is in her bed, it’s almost one in the morning. She is half asleep, but very self-aware. In her head she hears the footsteps of her thoughts coming up in front of her as images and in them Luke – whose name she only learned today, but whose movements and face she learned over time.
She remembers his masculine smell. She feels the “innocent” touch on her body and out of a disturbed sleep she reaches down to her panties and starts massaging her clitoris slowly when she sees him in front of her. Imagining how she approaches her and undresses her. fantasized about him saying her name inside her. She is breathing heavily. and feels herself getting close to cum just by thinking about him and wasn’t sure if she was dreaming and immediately aware of a reason or if she was fantasizing; She did know that at this moment she was on fire.

When she first runs into him in line at the supermarket, she doesn’t do anything that should draw his attention to her or vice versa, but they both notice each other. They were strangers to each other but in the same breath a clear recognition occurred between them.

Annabelle, never close to being perfect, owned herself and had such an unconventional character, and Luke, who is very sensitive to the energies of others, were able to sense this in her.
There was something mesmerizing about her, the way she moved, spoke, he couldn’t just determine whether she had an accent or whether it was part of her unique speech that attracted him when he heard part of a contact conversation she had when she lived to the Torah.
“It’s my turn in a second, I’ll talk to you soon… Ok, close, chow blah.”

She drops out of the conversation when her eyes catch his and then their gazes cross each other.

She could have sworn others felt their energy, but it was so absurd thinking about it. Just a girl a little behind her in line. ‘Who is this god and why is he looking at me like that?’ She thinks to herself as she glances at the cashier and was sure it was her imagination. Turning her head to him a second time, she is asked to accept a smile back. The mysterious stranger does not disappoint her.

Luke is a very handsome man. But quite like her, there was nothing different about him than any other average man. It was just what she saw in him that she saw in no other man. His hair was brushed back. He was golden, it was not his natural body color and he had a confidence that was conveyed by his broad shoulders and upright posture. A captivating smile that appeared through his eyes, which over time Annabel recognized a trace of sadness or something that was difficult for him to accept.

After loading her things into the car, she returned to return the cart and ran into him as he left with his cart. As she turned his head, so he also turned her not to take her eyes off him. Annabelle walked past him flushed but curious and he looked transfixed. There are almost no such cases of instant attraction between two complete strangers.

The second time they ran into each other was on the street. Annabel walked with her dog who always managed the trip for her, and that day he led her personally and along the way he found a new friend. The two furries wagged their tails – it also seems that there is a magnetic connection between the two. If Annabelle had a tail, he must be working hard right now.
“It’s you” he looked a bit shocked but happy to see her again while examining her carefully – with more concentration. He liked the faded denim shorts she was wearing. They revealed long legs with color that accentuated her well-built bones. She wore simple flip-flops and a white t-shirt. So effortlessly again he couldn’t take his eyes off her.
This is the first time she heard his voice she wanted to hear more, wondering how he would roll her name on his tongue… Luke for his part felt that he was desecrating her in his imagination and he could only hope it was mutual.

“And that’s you…” She scans him from toe to head, she picks up the ring and then you raised his left hand. “Who is this fixer?” She bends down at his feet and goes to pet his dog. “What’s her name?” She looked up at him that bothered his member as she was down there, drawing his eyes down to her.
“Her name is Maila” he bent down towards her.
“what is your name?” check the environment. Ana Belle examined his hand and pointed to his ring, “Are you sure you want to know? She heard herself and hoped he didn’t interpret her answer as a sudden rejection outright.
Luke half smiled, looked down and then turned his head to the side, “Maybe you’re right…” He rose up, “Why complicate matters”, he put his hand in his pocket and pulled Mayla to him “But it’s good to see you again” he said as sums them up. . Annabelle took another moment to remember him better. His features were warm and glowing and she seemed to understand him as someone who is used to missing out on the things he wants to experience. Maybe that’s what she saw in his eyes.
He wore jeans, sneakers and a black shirt that gave him an elegant look. This time she could also smell him up close. The perfume he chose for himself, it was not kitschy… nor did it smell like he had showered in it. She could sense that it was refined and in good taste.
“I want you too” she muttered in disappointment and thought to herself that even if she had a chance with this hottie, she must have messed it up right now. He gave her one more mesmerized look that started to move away from her and waved his hand at her. “Good day” she threw after him but he is no longer interested.

The third time they ran into each other was at the beach. Annabelle basked on a huge beach towel in the sun and when she got a little too dry, she went for a dip in the water which was calm today. She swam towards the horizon and when she retraced her steps with the direction of the waves she was startled when she felt she collided with something. Only when she takes her head out of the water, it is he who will be revealed to her. Like some god who came up from the sea in front of her and he was just as surprised as she was.
They immediately recognized each other.
“It’s probably my lucky day” he said as if he was wiping drops of salt water from his face, Annabelle was amazed, pulling her hair back in a blackmailing motion, “I wonder if I should ask for a million dollars” she laughed.
“How are you?” He asked Foz, approaching her.
Caught her a little off guard with a warm hug out of nowhere.
She is in a bikini with bare stomach and shoulders and he is bare chested, the touch of his body on hers made her shudder,

And the sea’ she thought to herself, ‘why do this to me…’
It seems that from meeting to meeting they are exposed to each other more. Anyone could have taken it as a cosmic hint from the universe to come…

“Perfectly fine”, she smiles, “trying to cool myself here in the water”.
“Like you like me” he replied as he looked pleased with her and himself.
“I just have to go” he muttered lightly, “I guess… we’ll see each other again?” He winked at her, “I won’t be surprised anymore” he adds curiously “You look good!”

‘Is he teasing me now?’ Annabelle thinks to herself.
‘What’s the Deal!?’ She talks to herself as she sees that equal body moving away from her again, she rises out of the water, her hair dripping down her shoulders, the sun shining on her good parts, she looks radiant in the sun,
Luke looks back and she notices a nice bulge between his legs that suddenly appears. It makes her smile a little. Their gazes eat each other again. ‘Is he married? Or is he married and separated?? What’s the reason for all this flirting?’ she wonders as he continues to walk forward and watches her dive back into the water and out of it.

Some time has passed since then… the sexy mystery man stopped haunting her thoughts, until today at noon when she returned to the supermarket after forgetting a shopping bag there which she only realized she had left there after returning home.
She directs herself to the main cash register and in front of her are several people in line. The one in front of her turns back and Annabelle recognizes him immediately. “Okay, this has to stop” she giggles, “just when I’m tired of waiting…” he replies with sparkling eyes, “well I told you we’ll probably see each other again” he says with knotted indifference.
“Yeah, what’s up with that? Are you following me?” She raises an eyebrow in question.
Luke laughs and an unexpected silence stretches between them. The tension between them was already too noticeable.
Annabelle no longer wanted to take part in the matter. So she just waited her turn. “Listen..” Luke mumbled as he looked to the side and then straightened his gaze at her, “This thing – it’s complicated” he says and points to the ring on his hand in frustration.
“Marriage is a complex thing” she nods as if she agrees with his words. He just looks at her and suddenly doesn’t know how to continue the conversation so he pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath, “If I wasn’t married… you can be sure I would already be working.”
“So I guess you’re good in marriage and it’s not something I’d want to ruin…” she says with a bit of disappointment “not even for one night of sparks” she says with a starved look.
“How do you know if I’m good or not?” he asks and is interrupted by the cashier “Yes, sir please, your invoice?”
“Yes, sorry” he hands her the receipt in his hand and she goes to realize a sale for him on the computer.
Luke, now having second thoughts, turns to Annabelle again and holds his phone in front of her, “Can I have your number?” Hesitant and not entirely sure if you will give it to him.
Annabelle thinks for a moment, biting her lips slowly, Luke notices her sexy gesture doing this and comes a little closer to her, in all the commotion of the people around them, it felt like they were alone and then surprisingly and really uncontrollably Annabelle takes the phone to her hand and quickly dials her number.
“I guess it’s Fourth Time’s De Charm?” She states the question and winks, “I’m Annabelle” she officially introduced herself finally, putting the phone back next to him.
“Luke,” he laughs in agreement and holds out a hand to her for the book-of-acquaintance, bringing her a little closer to him. “I feel you are dangerous” he says cautiously only to discover the blush on her face spreading and bringing a shy and playful smile to her face.
“How do you say… it’s good to see you again” she teases him as he breaks away from their grip and takes the product as his gift.
“Good surprise” he smiles expectantly as he exits the line.
“Next in line!” The cashier motions for Annabelle to move forward to the counter. And when she looks back to say goodbye to him, Luke has apparently already disappeared out of the writer.

Now, it’s already 01:47. And she is after a good ejaculation that has not yet satisfied her full horniness. It’s so quiet outside in these small hours and suddenly, that quiet is broken when she gets a vibration
On her phone screen appears a message fresh from the oven – “I wonder… is there any chance you’re awake?”

Luke waits a few seconds and then sees that Annabelle has gone online. He looks aside at his wife who is fast asleep.
Annabelle is a bit shocked by the coincidence, debating whether to dare or not. ‘A man would send a message at such hours with only one agenda… First time a fantasy will become my reality…’ she wondered to herself.
He sees that she is typing briefly – “Perfect timing, I’m completely wet” she replies and Luke gets excited and comes to life especially when he receives another message from her – “And you… hard?”
He smiles mischievously, “Do you live alone?” I hope so.
Annabel sends him the address plus a floor plus an apartment and Luke makes an unexpected quick decision when he checks that his wife is indeed fast asleep – “I’m on my way” he types. This is the first time he leaves his house to cheat. And more in the middle of the night. He didn’t know what had gotten over him, but he wasn’t in the mood to get off it at this point, he put on a pair of pants, took a shirt and shoes with him and crept out.
Annabelle straightens up in her bed. ‘Yes!’ She says to herself and wishes he wasn’t too quick to ejaculate.
“the door is open”.

About a quarter of an hour later there is a knock on the door and when he looks at the last message she sent, he does not hesitate and quietly enters a dark apartment, at the entrance he is greeted by Tate with tail wagging and curiosity, Annabel’s dog who surprisingly still remembers him from that trip and therefore does not even bark. Annabelle hears rustling from the living room, she is sitting on the bed, wearing only an old black t-shirt and a small olive green thong. Luke looks deep into the apartment and locates the bedroom at the end, he approaches the room and stops at the entrance, catching the light of a single candle that illuminated Annabelle in a dramatic and sexy way. “Look at you” he half-opened his mouth, hungry for her.

“How good you came” she whispers slowly as she reaches through her thong and caresses herself in front of him.
“To hell with everything” he moves his member inside the pants which is already protruding in a way that cannot be ignored, “I couldn’t get you out of my head” she rises to him and he quickly approaches her to pin her hard against the wall, “fucking sexy” he whispers in her ear as Annabel surrenders to hear his whispering voice.

He kisses her through small bites. the tongues of

Both are tied to each other, together with rhythmic breathing and moans that herald the great anticipation of this. “I’ve been waiting for you” she tells him weakly and looks for his hard package, fists it through his pants, applies pressure, her body wants to open it, “I’ve been waiting for this” she hugs him and then with her other hand runs her fingers through his hair firmly. Both of them are upset with each other.

Luke is a big and strong man and she is small compared to him so he is able to grab her with both hands behind her knees. He sticks her to the wall like that and with one hand rolls his pants down; Now his cock has more room to expand to its new dimensions. He fucks her dry biting her lips and she is sure she is in a dream. She feels that he is not average size at all and she thanks God for that.

He places her feet back on the ground and rips off her tiny thong “Annnnmm…” She lets out a moan as she is hot for him, he runs his hand over her opening and is taken aback by how wet and sticky she is there, he sees a small stool resting next to them, so he pulls it to him and sits down On him and then when she is still against the wall in front of him and enters between her legs, without much warning and sucks her.
He easily gets her to mumble liberated sighs that get louder by the minute, “Aaaah God, you turn me on so much”, she whispers in a dirty tone and pulls his hair further into her, “It’s just like I imagined it would be” she says as if to herself. Luke puts her legs on his shoulders and swallows her. He had never gone down on anyone else like that, not even his wife. She’s delicious… and different… Her juices dripped down his face and all around his mouth, his cock standing erect inside his black boxers, like an unbreakable rock.
He bites her and holds her clit in his teeth, inserts one finger into her… then a second… and a third… anything can enter her right now. ‘This complete stranger, he is the only one capable of opening me up like this, she thinks to herself.’

“Aaaah” she breathes heavily “Yes… yes,” she almost whines in pleasure, “Aennmm… God…!”

Luke doesn’t let up, he breathes through his nose and can’t get enough of her, he slides his hand under her shirt and discovers a pair of firm, erect breasts, then he plays with her nipples, his touch makes her a sex judge for him. She will do anything at this point, the thing is he doesn’t do any special moves with her, it’s just this crazy sexual connection that just works between them.
He moves his hand further up, out of her shirt into her mouth and puts a few fingers in for her to suck on as he sucks her down. “Please,” she struggles to speak when he’s inside her, “Please Luke” she says as he moves his head out and looks at her as he catches his breath, “What, beautiful?” She touches his hair and brings her hand to his face and then to his lips, “Please Luke, fuck me.”
Luke wants her and wakes up more to hear her hot words, he rises to her with his three fingers still inside her, fucking her a little, and whispers in her ear in a low voice “Annabelle.. I’m dying…” he breathes deeply and heavily “I’m already dying to fuck you…” he clings to her More and blowing in her ear… sending her to the provinces…
He turns her on and feels her getting closer to cum, she descends more and more on his fingers just to increase the feeling of his penetration into her, his fingers are big, long and manly and her pussy notices it. She tightens her grip on him “Aaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, tell me more,” she asks, almost begging. Luke enjoys seeing her like this, especially since he knows he’s the one causing her vibrations… “Finish for me Annabelle? Finish on me” he asks her and he turns to bite her earlobe and from there surrounds her neck with deep kisses.
Annabelle continues to rise and fall as her cup wraps around his fingers and as she reaches her climax, she vibrates and shakes and lets out a good long sigh.
Just from the look of her and the feeling she brought on him he sighed along with her.
Very slowly he pulls his hand out of it and examines how soaked it is in her juices. He caresses her face and lips, letting her taste herself. He has a serious expression on his face as his eyes are locked on her and his other hand is holding her firm pelvis.
In one, he grabs her face and kisses her heavenly and then takes off her shirt and throws it backwards. He quickly rolls up his underwear and enters her;

Silence between them. Only until he reaches her full depth and they contain each other completely, both moaning loudly.

He puts her on top of him and fucks her against the wall while she’s supposedly in the air. The pace is fast and even, he can hardly hold back especially when she whispers in his ear how big and hard he feels inside her, it’s like giving him an incentive to bang her faster. “I want you stronger” she challenges him and he willingly responds.
He takes her off of him, turns her against him and pins her even more aggressively against the wall; Does her in a doggie, goes all the way out – goes all the way in, Annabelle is already hoarse and you can hear it in her voice, but he turns her on so much.
At this point, with anyone else, she would have dried up and had to be put back in the game, but with Luke it’s like she had a hole in the pipe and called in the wrong plumber to fix it.
Luke is also dripping, all sweaty, the ends of his hair are stuck to his forehead and every now and then he moves a hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead, he holds it at his waist and slides it over his hard cock. She can’t hold back and she feels like she’s about to cum one more time when he fills her like that. Every time he enters her hard and deep like this, with his balls hitting her opening, she feels he reaches the point that excites her and comes close to a powerful ejaculation.

“How are we…? Are you with me?” He asks her in a whisper when he is straining and grabs her by the back of the neck,
“You’re doing it to me like crazy.. you’re bringing me to the edge.. I…” he sighed loudly aaaah “can I cum inside?” he asks when he really has no control over it anymore and only manages to increase the pace.
“I’m with you, take me as I am” she exclaims as she bangs against the wall in a steady rhythm.
They both feel it coming, she squirms and he almost runs over her, grabbing her breasts, consuming her as she sees herself leaving her body and assumes this is what meeting God feels like…..puck…” Luke calls out “puck puck paaack” Va whispers loudly as he feels how he shoots a shower of sperm inside her. Annabelle breathes hard and continues his moan in the form of a dry, hoarse and fading sigh.
He gets out of her and shakes him.

Annabelle falls backwards onto the bed, coming back to reality. When she opens her eyes and catches her breath, it’s the first time she sees his cock and it’s huge. She had no idea that she was able to contain such a size, “Wow…” She sat up and brought out an uncontrollable smile from Luke “There is no way I would have been able to bring it in my mouth”.
They examine each other naked for the first time, liking what they see.
“Well… you never know” Luke pulls her to a standing position. Still breathing a little heavily.
He grabs her ass and flips her one with a nasty look.
“Maybe we’ll give it a try next time and see” he signs off.
“Well? And how is your conscience?”
“It sounds better in English” he replies and Annabelle waits for the continuation.

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